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If you are looking to start beekeeping or need someone to rescue a bee swarm, look no further!

We have eight frame boxes with bee colonies from this season waiting for you. You can pick up your beehive, but we also deliver it to your door, give advice and recommend where to place your hive. Further, I will install it for you to have a new Flow Hive.

Even more, on the delivery day, we record a video session, the crush course about starting your beekeeping, with all questions answered on the spot. You keep this video as a memento, and you can refer to it whenever you need it! This is truly your special investment with many tips and tricks to boost your beekeeping confidence.

With a small charge, you will get an Introductory Session recorded on the delivery day while a bee colony is introduced into your honey-making Flow Hive!

Isn’t that Awesome!

But that is not all. We also do an introductory beekeeping session with video recording for new beekeeping starters. This is only for you. A permanently accessible, private video, an essential beekeeping guide in HD resolution.

The video covers a variety of topics such as:

  • Start with beekeeping, with or without a flow hive
  • How to look after your bee colony
  • Feeding bees in winter
  • How to deal with bees
  • Pest Control Strategy
  • I also answer all the questions about your new bee package!

The content of your bee package or a young bee colony follows. You get a mated queen bee in a single bee package from this season with healthy bees and brood!

  1. Queen mated and already laying eggs: Italian or Carniolan variety.

2. Pest Control Strategy – A tiny device enables protection against a small hive beetle. There is a way to protect your hive with an oil-filled container. You will get a small container included in the beehive package.

3. In a beehive box, all 8 Frames are with wax foundation with pure wax. Four to five frames are with come, brood and honey, eggs and capped brood.

4. Bees: Depending on the time of the season, you will get bees at different stages of their life. So the family unit consists of young queen bee, scouts, foragers or workers (female) and drones (male) bees. Read more on our home page.

Dive into the world of beekeeping with our New Bee Packages, specially designed for your backyard. Start today and explore Backyard Beekeeping, where every buzz adds to life.

These Bee Packages are curated to bring bees to your space, creating a connection with nature as sweet as honey. So, don’t wait. Seize the chance to enhance your surroundings and enjoy nurturing these incredible creatures.

Beyond a hobby, Backyard Beekeeping is an emotional investment in our environment. Experience the joy of watching your bee community thrive and contribute to the local ecosystem. It’s a journey that brings daily joy, purpose, and a sense of stewardship.

Now is the time to turn your backyard into a buzzing haven of biodiversity. Let the hum of bees be the soundtrack to your newfound passion for Backyard Beekeeping. Embrace the enchantment of this transformative experience and connect with the heart of nature through the magic of beekeeping

To start your journey today, send us an email or call us to organise a gentle and healthy bee nucleus colony.

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