Melbourne is a city in southern Australia and the capital of the state of Victoria. The climate is subtropical oceanic, with mild winters and pleasantly warm summers.

The conditions for beekeeping in Melbourne are excellent!

Our Approach to Beekeeping is Simple and Easy

Firstly, you need to order a bee nucleus colony from the new season. Once you get the bees in a bee hive box, you will also need the following essential items.

  1. Gloves for beekeeping (venter extension).

2. Beehive Tool,

3. Beekeeping Overall – preferably vented, and

4. a Smoker.

Now is the time to turn your backyard into a buzzing haven of biodiversity. Let the hum of bees be the soundtrack to your newfound passion for Backyard Beekeeping. Embrace the enchantment of this transformative experience and connect with the heart of nature through the magic of beekeeping.

I started beekeeping as a hobby beekeeper in 2014.

Today I can confidently say that from my perspective, the best place to become a beekeeper is where you live. I am in Melbourne!

Each year, we can produce the best queen bees and bee colonies by having a methodical, simple and holistic approach—the best of its kind in backyard beekeeping.

Meet the Team

Italian bee colony and installation into a flow hive.

As a bee hive owner, I would recommend to anyone more quality time in nature, gardening and outdoor fun!

The local Beeman in Melbourne!


Founder & CEO

 I will show you how to start with beekeeping and boost your confidence. No experience is required.

Delivery and bee colony installation into a flow hive

Start today, this is the easiest way to become a hobby beekeeper and learn new skills at your own pace.

The best way to start with beekeeping!

Today, I would like to offer to consider the intangible and tangible benefits of beekeeping. Would you like to start your new hobby?

I promise you will not regret exciting moments, surprises, harvesting, tasting loads of organic honey and looking after your first bee colony! This might be a perfect opportunity for you.

Embark on an exciting journey into the world of beekeeping by securing our New Bee Packages. A Bee package is a young nucleus colony designed to infuse your backyard with the vibrant energy of these essential pollinators.

Start today and delve into the captivating realm of Backyard Beekeeping, where every buzz is a symphony of life.

With these carefully curated Bee Packages, and a lot of bee brood, you’re not just welcoming bees into your space; you’re fostering a connection with nature that’s as sweet as honey itself.

So, why wait? Seize the opportunity to enrich your surroundings and experience the joy of nurturing these incredible creatures.

Moreover, Backyard Beekeeping is more than a hobby; it’s an emotional investment in the well-being of our environment. Feel the thrill of watching your bee community thrive and contribute to the local ecosystem. It’s a journey that brings joy, purpose, and a sense of stewardship to your daily life.

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