New Bee packages and bees for sale! Start with backyard beekeeping in Melbourne with honeybee hives, nucs including frames & beeswax foundation. Plus, expert swarm removal and rescue services are available! Let the adventure begin!

The beehive box is included in the Bee Packages. A single box comes with wooden frames and an organic beeswax foundation. Begin your backyard beekeeping journey today by selecting Italian or Carniolan queen bees for your new starter honey bee nucleus colonies.

Carniolan honey bee

Start beekeeping today with a healthy nucleus colony.

We deliver honey bee packages in Melbourne or the countryside of Victoria.

We have bee hives for sale. The bee colonies are ready for pick-up or delivery to your backyard in Melbourne or the country of Victoria

Now is the time to turn your backyard into a buzzing haven of biodiversity. Let the hum of bees be the soundtrack to your newfound passion for Backyard Beekeeping.

Once you get a bee package that is essentially a young nucleus colony you can start with beekeeping and honey production.

You may also join an apiarist club and share your experiences. You decide on the type of the honey bee by selecting the type of the queen bee.

In Melbourne the most popular are Italian but I also provide Carniolan queen bee variety.

Single Nucleus Package and Queen Bee

We have bees and queen bees in single-nucleus bee packages for sale.

All young queen bees are mated each season, and we can provide healthy bee colonies all year round. The best time to start is when you are ready, but starting with a young nucleus colony is easy and I will help you with your beekeeping journey!

The queen bees for sale are already merged with other bees in a single nucleus colony, and there are no undesired surprises when you get bees and queen bees separately from apiarists near you who sell bee packages that you have to merge.

Choose from the two types of honey bees in a beehive, Carniolan or Italian.

Ever thought about making your honey? Have you researched an apiarist near me term?

Before delivery, with each bee package, we make sure a queen bee lays eggs and capped brood is present, and there is nothing for you to do for some time.

No stress, no worries to start with your beekeeping!

You have ample time to prepare yourself and learn before you take the next move.

What is involved with honey bee swarm removal?

  • Labour, equipment and travel costs to safely relocate the bees
  • Buying a new home for the bees including a Beehive and Frames
  • A feeling that you have done a good deed

Learn more about Swarm Removal and Bees Rescue

Honey Bees in Melbourne

See below a single honey bee package properties in a beehive. Start with beekeeping today!

1. Queen bee: Italian or Carniolan.

2. Pest Control Strategy – Defend effectively against a small hive beetle. There is a way to protect your hive with a container filled with oil. It is that simple. This container is included in the beehive package.

3. In a standard wooden box, you will get all 8 Frames with wax foundation. Four to five frames are with developed come, brood and honey.

4. Bees: Depending on the time of the season, your bee package has bees at different stages of their life. A young queen bee, scouts, foragers, workers (female) and drones (male) bees.

Biosecurity for Honeybees

The course supports the Australian Honey Bee Industry Biosecurity Code of Practice and is one way to meet the training requirements of the Code. Interested?

Learn more about Six Easy Ways to Protect Honey Bees with Biosecurity.

See other external info about Biosecurity for Bees.

Access usefull Australian based resources for bees related goods & services at AussieApiaristsOnline.

Essential Beekeeping Hands-on Introduction

Consider upgrading to a brief yet essential beekeeping course. No need for extensive reading or spending hours studying all the intricacies! This interactive course is conveniently recorded on the spot during the bee package delivery.

Covering a range of topics, you’ll learn how to properly care for your bee colony, including essential techniques for winter feeding and colony management. When it comes to keeping your honey bees fed during the colder months, white cane sugar is widely regarded as the safest and most dependable nectar substitute.

I will help you to get essential skills in beekeeping routine and give insight into how to feed bees in winter, biosecurity, managing the bee colony, and health and welfare of bees. Further, for this approximately one-hour course, I will be providing essential tips for new apiarists on how to avoid making beekeeping beginner’s mistakes. You do not need to complete a separate beekeeping course and spend hours in front of your computer. But you can always expand your knowledge as an apiarist by learning more about honey bees and related topics by visiting many free resources such as

You will also get an essential pdf file which shall support you well and help you when you are in doubt. This essential PDF file will allow you to start with natural beekeeping in your backyard in your local suburb or countryside of Victoria.

An eight or ten frames box with a nucleus colony

Painted weatherproof wooden boxes with young & mated queen bees, brood and bees

Have you thought about backyard beekeeping in your backyard with a Langstroth box?

What is a beehive? A beehive is made of beeswax! Bees make combs with wax from eight wax-producing glands on their abdomen.

Boxes on Sale

You have two options when it comes to the bee boxes. We only sell the Langstroth hive box. The other beehive box is known as the flow beehive box. The latter is more advanced and patented and gained a lot of popularity. For those more advanced boxes search in Google for terms like ‘flow hives for sale’.

A Langstroth-type beehive box is a well-known standardised housing to keep the honey bees. When we deliver your bee package, the beehive comes in this type of box, referred to as a brood box. We also transfer the young honey bee colony into specially designed beehive boxes. These boxes are well known as flow hives, and we transfer the bee colony into these boxes if desired.

Melbourne Beehives delivers healthy young beehives. The bees and a queen bee together with other bees in well-established nucleus colonies. They are healthy and ready to start a new life with a new owner. And, that could be an apiarist near me or you.

All boxes are new or near new, with a non-ventilated bottom board.

The plastic Gate/door is adjustable, controlling the hive’s opening, protecting the entrance, and controlling airflow and temperature. So, your bee package will have all the beehive components so you can start the beekeeping in your backyard like a pro.

Redpath’s Beekeeping Supplies
Do you wish to purchase wax, honey or other beekeeping supplies? I would recommend you visit the following website and order online.
To visit the online store, click on the link below.

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Bee Packages in Traditional Bee Hives or a Flow Hive?

Are you excited to introduce a bee colony to your backyard?

If yes is your answer, then your decision to start with beekeeping is simply fantastic, and you have made a great choice. Congratulations on your smart choice but it is much more than that and you will see why soon! It is also not only about making your honey either.

Do you have a brand new flow hive setup but you do not have a bee package?

That is not a problem since we understand that starting with beekeeping is not always a straightforward process and we can help you with that as you grow your skills and knowledge.

Which European honey bee varieties do you prefer, Carniolan and Italian? Most of the season, I can offer both varieties.

Should you order a Self-Flowing Honey Flow Hive box?

This is a great alternative to a standardized Langstroth beehive box.

Self-Flowing Honey Beehive
Self-Flowing Honey Beehive

Wax-Coated Cedar Wood Automatic Self-Flowing Honey Bee Hive & 7 Auto Frames Apiculture.

Discover the ease of the Self-Flowing Honey Beehive. Extracting honey is a breeze with this user-friendly device. When the honey-filled frame is ready, just use the key. It smoothly channels the honey from the frame into your jar or container.

Plus, here’s the highlight: no need to engage with the bees during extraction. Thanks to this innovative design, beekeepers enjoy a stress-free and seamless process. Efficiency and bee-friendliness are at the core of this extraction method.

All-in-one Bee Packages

All packaged colonies have a mated queen bee, brood, further bees and honey in eight frames deep boxes.

The bee-wax foundation is on each frame. The beeswax foundation stimulates young colony development. A beeswax foundation also promotes a faster buildup of brood and food stores! In other words, it simply helps.

Honey bees, local & backyard beekeeping

I started with beekeeping eight years ago. Today I feel I have done something outstanding. The investment that you need to start with beekeeping pays back quickly.

There are many benefits of having honey bees. I also have a honey bee colony in my backyard. As a local backyard beekeeper, I no longer buy honey from the supermarket. Plus, it is pure honey, fresh and organic from my apiary. So there are no additives in the honey, it is not processed, and it is without any chemical modifications.

In case you haven’t decided yet to become a beekeeper, I would like to ask you to consider it again.

As a backyard beehive owner, I am very happy that I am more involved with the outdoors and gardening than ever before.

Beekeeping is easy, and anyone can do it. It would be best to have a bee package and a backyard to start with local beekeeping. Each year you will be harvesting your authentic and unique raw honey from your backyard or a farm and much more.

Are you new to backyard beekeeping?

When I deliver your package I will then, transfer the bees into your brand-new flow hive. I will move your bee colony package from the Langstroth hive to your new flow hive!

Not only thatI will show you how to handle honey bees and start with beekeeping. And you can start backyard beekeeping without any prior experience.

I also offer an Introductory Session (video recording session) into beekeeping.

While we record the video session, at the same time I transfer your bee colony into your new Flow Hive.

Following the guide and advice recorded in the video is the easiest way to learn visually essential skills. So you can become a hobby beekeeper in a flash. With a few tricks that you learn you stay confident and focused. But also you learn beekeeping and at your own pace.

You will love your results!

Biosecurity Code for beekeepers

Biosecurity Code of Practice

If you are serious about beekeeping, it would be beneficial to further familiarise yourself with, The Australian Honey Bee Industry Practice.

Download the Australian Honey Bee Industry Biosecurity Code of Practice.

We install bee packages into a flow hive box setup, any model.

Should you consider beekeeping?

We recognize that every garden or backyard plays a unique role on a holistic level. Its potential extends far beyond mere lawn-mowing and garden aesthetics.

I recently discovered the profound value of dedicating some time to my backyard. From this experience, I firmly conclude that beekeeping can be beneficial to almost anyone involved.

After an entire week filled with daily activities and a heavy workload, there’s a need to switch off at the week’s end. And where better to unwind and relax than in your backyard? It doesn’t have to be far away from your home.

Considering the importance of health and life balance, is it a priority for you? It certainly is for me. How about you?

The apparent benefits of becoming a local beekeeper go beyond the surface, potentially improving your health. Engaging in beekeeping allows you to build up a natural resistance to viruses. Simultaneously, you’ll enhance your overall well-being and get involved in fulfilling outdoor activities.